Hannah Scott – Pieces of the Night | Album Review

A Stunning Debut Album, With A Distinct and Honest Story.

It’s been a long time since we’ve heard an album with such a personal touch.

Originally from Ipswich, Hannah Scott draws a lot of her songwriting inspiration from her time spent in Italy. A year living in Tuscany, led to her meeting her production and writing partner Stefano Del Casa after walking past each other daily on the train platform. Neither of the two musicians had it easy in the early days. While Stefano spent had a troubled upbringing in Italy, Hannah was diagnosed with a rare form of arthritis, making performance and often, getting out of bed, very difficult.

“Around the time of my diagnosis we had quite a lot of shows and Stefano literally had to help me on and off the stage! He still insists on carrying all our equipment when we’re on the road which makes us laugh because he ends up looking like a porter and people must think I’m some kind of superstar refusing to pull my weight!” –  Hannah Scott

Through all the hardship, there was a burning desire to write songs for both musicians. Eventually, Stefano went on to be signed to Ultra Music Publishing, and Hannah’s music was picked up on BBC Radio 2, where she was asked to come in for an unexpected live session. The was also featured as a ‘Band of The Day’ in The Guardian. 

Pieces of The Night”, is the latest full length project from Hannah and Stefano and it’s an epic showcase of what the two songwriters are all about. There’s a glorious juxtaposition of organic instruments and intense, retro synth soundscapes. Each track has a distinct story which you can tell comes from a place of pure honesty.

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