Holy shit, Psychic Ills clean up

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psychic ills

For those who are familiar with Psychic Ills' output (and maybe even those who don't seem to be), the first leak off Psychic Ills upcoming Sacred Bones LP Hazed Dream will come as a total surprise. “Mind Daze” marks a sudden moment of structural coherency after a few years spent exploring the distances of drone and no-peak music that tested the limits of a four-piece's ability to stay in one place at all times. (It was also a period that tested the patience of many critics and bloggers, this site not included.)

As this track and the video sampler of the album's tracks indicate, Psychic Ills are going for the brass ring of truly great fried and stoned psych rock for the first time since Dins (actually, more so than that 2006 album). Cannot wait for this thing to land proper on a turntable as the gods intend.

Psychic Ills, “Mind Daze”: