Jack White/Alicia Keys collaboration doesn't completely suck

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“Another Way to Die” is a husky, analog-only take on a James Bond theme. And it's only sort of cheesy.

Remember when they were going to hire Amy Winehouse to do the title song for the new James Bond movie? Everyone said, “Yeah, that makes a lot of sense, but I won't ever see the movie”. And then remember when Amy Winehouse melted into a pile of crack in her bed one night and couldn't do the song and got fired, and they hired Jack White and Alicia Keys to do it? Then everyone said, “That makes no sense, but I don't care because I won't see the movie”.

Well, now the product of that highly anticipated collaboration has been released and it's… actually pretty good. Jack White handles the music, and his composition never sounded so giant. Alicia Keys handles the singing, and she's never sounded so Jack White. In case you were wondering, the Hate-Index for this post reads a healthy 92.9. I'm an asshole.

Jack White + Alicia Keys,”Another Way To Die”

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