JEFF the Brotherhood add step-brother to the band

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Jeff the Brotherhood adds third member

For those of you not lucky enough to be present at the JEFF the Brotherhood / Screaming Females show last night at New York City's Santos Party House, you not only missed a great show, but a startling revelation.

Midway through JEFF's headlining performance, Jake and Jamin Orrall requested the presence of a “Salvio” to come up on stage. Initially the audience took little notice; they had just finished playing “You've Got the Look” and the happy folks couldn't be bothered between sweaty high-fives and sips of their $6 PBRs. They sure took notice when he walked up on stage with a flute.

“We'd like to introduce our step-brother Salvio,” Jake started. “He's been asking us if he could join us on stage for the past 2 years, but since he lives in New York, it just never worked out. We figured it was time.”

The crowd looked stunned, but who were they to question their guitar god? Still, they didn't seem too sure about the flute.

“His last name is Gonzalez, but starting tonight he's an Orrall!” Jamin screamed out to the unsuspecting audience.

“This is our first show together,” Jake continued, “we're going to have him finish out this northeast run and see how it goes. But you're looking at the official third member of JEFF the Brotherhood!”

The crowd gave their reserved, but accepting applause.

“We figure we've been rocking this Jethro Tull gimmick for a while,” Jamin chimed in, pointing to his kick drum. “Might as well make it more legit with a flute player, right?”

When the crowd seemed less than enthusiastic, Jamin pressed them again: “RIGHT?!”

The audience screamed in approval as Gonzalez kicked off “Bone Jam” and never looked back.

For those of you in Philly, get ready to witness the new three-pronged attack of JEFF the Brotherhood firsthand tonight before they return to New York for a Brooklyn show this Saturday.