Julia Holter, “Marienbad”

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Julia Holter

“Marienbad” starts with a staccato, simple voice acrobatic from Julia Holter. It sounds almost like a Christmas carol—cold and sparse in instrumentation. But then it moves, and becomes a twee little pop song, and then it shapeshifts again, adding sweeping orchestral undertones and even more spacey vocal layering to become something a little darker and more full. And then it stops and starts again, and the renewed piece is almost unrecognizable from the beginning except for the one constant—Holter's hyper-arctic choral lyricism keeps the song from sound too disparate and instead creates a unified piece of arch minimalistic pop.

The song will be released on a double LP called Ekstasis, coming out March 8 on RVNG, Intl.

Julia Holter – Marienbad by RVNG Intl.