Justice is so 2007. Huoratron vs. Crystal Castles

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This video by Huoratron came out a few weeks ago while we were driving. We wish we'd seen it earlier because it's one of those green-friendly instructional videos that teaches you how to generate energy from non-traditional sources, in this instance, black oil, from your mouth. There are also cool computer graphics about impending nuclear doom that are as sophisticated as the two Gameboys on which Huoratron performs his 8-bit cut-ups.

It all comes at a fitting time. It's 2008, so we need a replacement for Justice. 8-bit wunderkinds Crystal Castles are the obvious front runners for this rat race, but Huoratron is another lo-res monster tinkering with his 1980s gear as well. Forget rat race. Let's make this about Frogger.

While we're still pulling for Alice Glass to nimbly hop past speeding traffic and over oncoming rows of turtles and logs miraculously offering a way across the river to that crown of Justice, it'd be a lot harder to do with “$$ Troopers” blaring overhead. Then again, she's got man eating dogs on her side.