Keep listening: Jeremy Jay

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Between a 12″ last month and a sophomore album in March, Jeremy Jay is poised to dominate the first quarter of 2009.

We spend our days searching for bands you probably haven't heard yet. Bands drenched in raw talent who we will eventually ignore once the recordings get too crisp. Occasionally, we take the time to commend established artists who still dazzle our stubborn ears. Jeremy Jay's new single “Love Everlasting” is getting that treatment. Brilliantly Cure-ish, the single glides between a casual sincerity and grandiose aloofness. You can hear the single at Jeremy Jay's MySpace page.

His sophomore album Slow Dance due March 24 on K Records, lacks the glam of the single, but is equally entrancing. Recorded in Olympia, Washington, Jeremy Jay seems less involved with his LA or Paris homes and instead entrenched in the tall forests of the Pacific Northwest.

Jeremy Jay, “Where Could We Go Tonight?”