Kim Deal pops up on Chicago Public Radio's Wait Wait… Don't Tell Me!

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On this past week's edition of the NPR comedy news show, former Pixies bassist and founding member of a recently prolific Breeders showed up to participate in the “Not my Job” portion of the news quiz.

At one point she hums through the skeleton of one of her high school cheers (Kim Deal was a high school cheerleader…?) and suddenly the entire basis of her lyrics' cadence and musicality is revealed.

That mystery solved, one wonders what Deal was doing in Chicago this past weekend, home of Steve Albini's Electrical Audio recording studio where the Breeders' '02 comeback Title TK and portions of last year's Mountain Battles were recorded.

NPR- it's not just the beefiest news organization left standing after the past few years' corporate gutting of newsrooms. They're also willing up to peek up rock's skirt now and again.

Listen here.