La Station Radar's epic compilation

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La Station Radar (LSR 030) compilation cover

La Station Radar's recently released compilation features a carefully culled roster track-listed in the precise order to blow the top of your mind in under an hour and twenty minutes (one hour, 19 minutes and five seconds, to be exact).

Sure, this seems like a lot of time to spend trying to blow the top of your mind off, an activity the average reader of Impose spends at least two to forty minutes a day initiating, but consider all your regular efforts to burn off skull and inhibitions cheap knockoff versions of the real thing.

What you really need is a nice Jen Paul track burrowing directly into Cough Cool, you need some Cloud Nothings before you get to Dirty Beaches and Jeans Wilder, and you really need to close out the whole process by staring through the Pink Priest void before falling into Taped Hiss' “Out At Sea, A Tiny Cat and Me”, which you can hear by buying the 25-track compilation at La Station Radar's website.

Until then, enjoy some of the intermediary steps towards sending your brain into that tingling orbit where sublime melodies and pop tapestries swirl ad infinitum.

Norse Horse, “Shooodikids”

Ela Orleans, “She Who Could Bin You”

Terror Bird, “Shame On Your Side”

La Station Radar compilation track listing
01 Neon Pulse – Kestrels
02 Jen Paul – Wheel and a Chime
03 Cough Cool – Flower Reading
04 Ela Orleans – She Who Could Bind You
05 Blessure Grave – Stranger in the House
06 Deep Sht – Never Say Never
07 Cloud Nothings – Can't Stay Awake
08 Ale Mania – DC Rails
09 Dunes – Handle
10 Ancient Crux – Colossal Debt
11 Twin Lion – High Life
12 Beaters – Fishage
13 Lee Noble – Terror High
14 A Grave with No Name – Sofia
15 Terror Bird – Shame on Your Side
16 Norse Horse – Shooodikids
17 Dirty Beaches – Coast to Coast
18 Heavy Hawaii – Philly Games
19 Badtimeexpress – Blooming Trail
20 Dead Gaze – A Simple Man (Wishes & Daydreams)
21 Jeans Wilder – Valentine
22 Fluker Love – Stay the Night
23 Nude Boy – D.I Dad
24 Pink Priest – I'd Rise from the Dead for You
25 Taped Hiss – Out at Sea, a Tiny Cat and Me