Listen: Ian Svenonius' new band

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Chain and the Gang: Like the Make Up, but with Svenonius rapping, or something.

Every record that Ian Svenonius is a part of might boast different members and might go under different monikers, but through Nation of Ulysses, Cupid Car Club, The Make Up, Weird War and whatever other band/project he has been a part of, each one is undeniably moved by his unique and somewhat paranoid vision.

For this latest offering, Svenonius and Co. are going under the guise of Chain and the Gain, treading along the same routes as he did in the faux-gospel years of The Make Up but infusing it with a more lo-fi beat, held together by Svenonius rapping over a Gories-esque backdrop like a crazed doctoral student chasing his Ph.D in sociology, who believes he's the second-coming of Gil Scott-Heron.

Chain and the Gang, “Interview with the Chain Gang”