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WIth “To Tokyo”, Loudspeaker Speaker throw a bag of glitchy clicks and pops at a fuzzy sheet of ambient long chords- categorically dreamy. But their first track “Hump Like One Leg's Shorter” caught me off guard and is why I made it through their whole album in one listen (not a bad feat when going through dozens of promo CD's). Maybe it's because their vaguely ethnic voice calling me to an alien dance party might be the Impose party dinosaur's baby. Barring that coincidence, the ripped up 8-bit arpeggios run up into mangled bits of dub step and house without ever sounding all that dancy, let alone clean cut or slicked back.

Loudspeaker Speak, “Hump Like One Leg's Shorter”

Loudspeaker Speaker, “To Tokyo”

The two tracks are on Recorded Sound a full length on broken twilight records. It, and more shit like it on broken twilight's website. What is this broken twilight? Let them explain:

broken twilight is an independent record label located in Spanaway, Washington. Making and releasing future thrift store treasures, this swap meet joyride was started by Chad Imes, who lives nights as if they were days and days as if they were nights. His inverted lifestyle has yielded mixed results. Musical toilet tissue, coffee-powered mopeds and three dimensional postage stamps are some of his notable failures. Think of this label as an ongoing mixtape of Chad's many musics, combined with records by his favorite artists. Once a year, Imes gathers these people together and transports them by outboard motor to a cabin in eastern Washington, where they perform a show for the volcanic formation known as Half Brother Melodic.