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Sometimes you send a band a few Myspace messages and they decide not to answer them. This is because they are very cool, or they don't use Myspace as much as you do. Mutators are a sweaty band from Vancouver. While a comparison to Yeah Yeah Yeahs has already been made, that screaming female-fronted queen bee band of 2002 was a clean-laced fetishism of nasty sounds from the early 80s, whereas Mutators are nasty right now, as you read this!

(Pretty awesome update: This website claims that front-woman Lianne Morrissette sings her vocals through a home-made oscillator!)

Mutators, “Paper Words”

[Download it]

They have two 7″'s out and a 12″. Here's the art:

mutators records

They've stockpiled videos to prove they are not automatons recording direct-in to their bedroom PC's:

But really, just go to their Myspace page.