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The Wiggins is Jon Read, a gritty one man garage-rock machine from space.

A stowaway orphan of an Apollo mission, Jon Read landed sometime ago in the lower half of the lower 48 in Space City, Houston. He’s played with all the requisite, gritty anti-popularity contests from that corner of outsider Americana (Daniel Johnston, Indian Jewelry, Quintron). He’s also played with the Black Lips, which on a track like “Dog”, might be the band he’s most easily aligned with sonically. Here are some good down home freak-outs fit for the rising star employees of the 13th Floor.

You can download “Dog” on the Dull Knife website, where they’re selling 300 copies of his latest 7″, on which these tracks appear.

The Wiggins,”Dog”

The Wiggins,”When I Get Up”

The Wiggins performing at River Oaks Theater in May 2008

And enjoy some Henry Darger-esque ramblings of the pen pulled from The Wiggins’ Myspace: