Listen: Tickley Feather, “The Python”

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[Above: Tickley Feather photo by Kimber VanSant.]

There's a little of the proclivities of Beach House's first LP in this, but let's not confuse Annie Sach's bedroom with that of Alex Scally's or Victoria Legrand's, especially on this track, which fixates on a single, infectious vocal line that rests on a soft bed of crappy synthesizer's drones and melodies that I dare to call twinkly.

I can't understand what she's saying but I've been humming my own versions for a while now. The songs on the Tickley Feather LP coming out on Paw Tracks were recorded over four years on Ms. Sach's four track. While they were probably spruced up a bit by Rusty Santos, credited for “mixxxing and production”, some of these songs have been floating around in some form or another for quite a while. I've attached a Zradio Podcast of a different version of “The Python” to give an idea of the sprucing that went on.

“The Python”, featured on Zradio