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Download Philly noise girl's sub-two minute pop/R&B deconstructions.

[Above: Photo by Nic Hughes]

When cuing up these tracks on my iTunes, I went to make coffee and briefly forgot that they were about to play. This is partly due to my particular brand of retardation, but the resulting alarm bells I heard rushing through the streets like an air raid parade down Myrtle Avenue were entirely the fault of U.S. Girl's “A Day At The Races.”

Meghan Remy is a Philly-based noise concoctor with a debt to heavy beats and perhaps a hand on the contemporary notion that everything is falling apart in a sort of digital disolution of scattered information and vague connections, but that perhaps everything will work out in the end if you do things cheaply. I was only half-joking (in the way that she was perhaps half-kidding on her Myspace page) about pop and R&B. This is a sort of lo-fi audio destruction, yes, but it's also cheerily rock-based, and melodic: welcome to a sing-songy Sunday morning in the post-apocalypse.

The question, of course, is whether Philly is big enough for U.S. Girls and Tickley Feather. Or maybe they're friends.

U.S. Girls, “Bits + Pieces”

U.S. Girls, “Found on the Ground”

U.S. Girls, “A Day at the Races”