Mane Mane's for the fucked up kids

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Screenshot from Aaron Katsnelson's take on "Twinkl Sr"

For the uninitiated: Mane Mane makes dizzy beat collages, oft-touted by ever tasteful blogs. Been meaning to say “we think you are incredible and sick too, Mane Mane, we've just been too busy propping our jaws back in place after listening to your divine amalgamations to remember to type shit about it.”

A third video for another song off his UUU Tapes release Mane2Mane just dropped this week. Enjoy the video for “Twinkl Sr”, by Aaron Katsnelson, half the Weird Magic crew, and also some older videos, “Just Called 2” by Miko Revereza, and “Get Over In 3D” by Twins, respectively. The trilogy is complete!

And look, the whole fricking Mane2Mane, streaming:

Mane Mane – Mane2Mane by UUUTAPES