New Black Dice video is a shit storm of wonders

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While the movement in “Kokomo” the music (like most of Black Dice's songs) occurs at the rate of a robot incrementally clunking towards malfunction, “Kokomo” the video starts in a milk lake of Froot Loops, moves recklessly through a flood of cut up commercials and movies from the 80s and 90s, (yes that was Sister Act you spotted, but the question is, which Sister Act?), and is shot through with their signature album art, here enhanced with animation. There's no looking back, kids, and no looking at the floor, because it's probably spinning. Without their signature restraint, the piece, credited only to Black Dice, plays the amusing counterpoint of unpredictability, with crotch jokes (exploding liquids near crotches, billiard balls shot at crotches, faces that look like crotches) um being the unifying element? Actually, considering their new album's album title, crotch jokes were all they really needed to get us to watch.

n.b. It was nearly impossible to write that paragraph without using the words seizure, acid, or trippy. Try it yourselves!