New: Papercuts, “Future Primitive”

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Papercuts return with new record in April, but first Noise Pop Festival in San Francisco with Mountain Goats.

Noise Pop 2009 boasts a reputable roster, but its the lesser known artists billed that could make the biggest impact. Papercuts is on the verge of being three records deep with the impending release of You Can Have What You Want on April 14.

“Future Primitive” is our first glimpse into the next Papercuts record. Although it sounds dangerously like Cass Mccombs, this relation makes sense considering Jason Quever (known as Papercuts) played piano on Mccombs' Not The Way.

The most notable fact about this song is it was recorded entirely in analog. Believe it digital children! This recording is computer processing free. If this is your first time ever hearing something recorded in this fashion, I hope you remember this day for the remainder of your life.

Papercuts, “Future Primitive”

You Can Have What You Want, even this album's track listing:
01 Once We Walked In The Sunlight
02 A Dictator's Lament
03 The Machine Will Tell Us So
04 A Peculiar Hallelujah
05 Jet Plane
06 Dead Love
07 Future Primitive
08 You Can Have What You Want
09 The Void
10 The Wolf

Papercuts is opening for Mountain Goats on February 25 at the Swedish American Hall in San Francisco, CA.