New Wham City closed until “up to code”

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[The new Wham City. Photo by Allen Roizman]

At the first party at the new Wham City, the floor was bending, the Wham City founders manning the doors looked stressed and the kids were drunk and present in numbers. Seemed like the beginning of a beautiful friendship between The Greatest City in America and its new party space, but looks can be deceiving. They can also help you to collect objective evidence and form conclusions, i.e. “that party at Wham City last week was so nuts, I thought maybe I would go crashing through the second floor rafters into a dark and painful death.” Just kidding. They probably just need a few extra exit signs or something to “get up to code”. Anyway, the Saturday show previously scheduled for the new space has been moved to Copy Cat (the old Wham City site).

From Dan Deacon's MySpace:

hey myspace friends: some rad shows this week:

at Ridgewood Temple: 1054 Bushwick Ave
w/MICHAEL SHOWALTER of Wet Hot American Summer, the State, Stella
toddpnyc. com for details

college show in philly

10pm: 409 East Oliver St w/teeth mountain and the creepers
(was a wham city, moved until wham city get up to code)

these shows should both be awesome. come one come all.