New White Denim single

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We're trying to figure out if White Denim wrote their band bio by translating it into Babel Fish Chinese and then back into English. Or maybe they are geniuses:

The story, I’ve found of white denim really, begins with parque touch; then; after the departure of byshop massives touch from which white denim comes comes white denim. In not attempting to profess, now I may if I will say that these professions are reflected in each song of the bands every move. The individual sirs before mentioned in these modern times are near to themselves and becoming daily in their times at the “free wheel” of disposure. At the brink of it all is the concretality of a format being contributable to outcomings. If not to simplify too; so, I retrace in my unstated, potentially radical view, of the eventual occasion to this at present one may encounter upon; whether enduring or adoring, but presently white denim existing continually white denim…

Moving on, here is a teeth-rattler for all of you, available for download at RCRD LBL, a “network of ad-supported online record labels and blogs” that miraculously offers free content in exchange for a few Nokia eye sores and the usual run of the mill, inexorable corporate advancement into independent music. Sounds awesome to us!

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