Classic G Thang boobage revealed (NSFW)

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Most know all the words to Dr. Dre's classic “Nuthin' But A 'G' Thang" because of Snoop Doggy Dog's flawless opening verse that put him on the map with young suburban white kids. I learned all the words by chance. My fascination to the song is directly associated to the video and a classic moment in public exposure.

This ain't about that gangsta baby that is so funky it could pull a freeze move on beat, while still in diapers. Although, I'd love to track that baby down and see what he's up to today. See if he's putting those perfect timing skills to use. This ain't about the fridge stacked from the vegetable shelf up with 40ozs of malt liquor, although I've always said someday I would throw a barbecue and stock my fridge like the video.

As a young lad glued to my television, I absorbed these images in wide-eyed wonder, but one rises above the rest as truly iconic. It's the scene in which the prissy chick (who eventually gets drenched in malt liquor) is exposed during a beach volleyball game. I would venture so far as to say this was my first encounter with censorship. The blurred image prompted a curiosity that has plagued me for 18 years – what color are those areolas?

Until today!

The internet is indeed my friend. I obsessively watched this video for the booby scene, parts bouncing as she gives chase to the culprit. I have seen boobs in my day. From my fledgling years of Bikini Car Wash Company movies on Cinemax, to the invested exploration of magazines, and the graduation to actual contact, it's been a lifetime of wonderment. But, one pair has haunted me since that first tingle of excitement brought on by a Dr. Dre video. I've waited 18 long years to know the truth. Today, I share with you the boobs that MTV didn't want you to see.