NYC: Team Robespierre Release Party

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Come out to Death By Audio for a stacked line up and a dance party. Along with the Team, expect performances by Ninjasonik, Golden Error and Vivian Girls, all of whom are currently some of our favorite local acts.

If Ninjasonik's messed up treatment at Knitting Factory is any sign, this should be a crazy party full of pissed off kids who didn't get their money back last week! Don't know what we're talking about? Check out excerpts of Ninjasonik's irate MySpace bulletin:

“By 11 pm the place was jumping like a good dance party should be… A mosh pit broke out, like at any decent hardcore show. It did really crazy, but it was nothing that could not have been managed by calm security guards. But , At 12:05 when the band was just about to do their last song the management instructed the sound to be shut off and security swarmed the stage. They insisted the show was over and would not let Ninjasonik perform…

In order to quell the crowd Kevin with the help of Jah Jah (the other member from Ninjasonik) demanded silence from the crowd of over 60 people. Almost everybody complied and in an orderly fashion, they all said in unison to the management “Can we please play the show??”. It was an incredible sight. They still refused to allow it though, so Kevin told everybody to sit down on the ground quietly and not talk to security. At this point security began making racist statements and attempting to instigate a fight with the mixed crowd (there were people of many different colors, etc at the show, probably another reason the staff was so hostile). Kevin shouted not to talk to security or respond to them. He insisted they remain peaceful for the safety of both the staff and themselves. The crowd obliged.”

“At this point management still refused to allow the show so Kevin insisted they give refunds to the ticket buyers. They agreed. But there was a catch; you had to still have your ticket stub to get a refund, which most people didn't. To date we know of over 75 people who have not had their money refunded. The Knitting Factory is refusing to release the number of attendees (which was well in excess of 100) and is refusing to disperse the remaining money.

As everybody left, the security guards once again shouted in hostile tones towards Kevin and other people exiting “Get the FUCK outside”. One Security member even attempted to climb the outside of the stairs in order to fight an attenddee. He had to be restrained by his fellow workers…

Or, as described by a kid who sees black people and who happened to be in attendance:

one guy had the balls to yell moshpit and thats when everyone went crazy. they moshed for like 10 good minutes till the scary black bouncer mooshed preetis face decked me in the side and like flung 4 other kids and everyone stopped and just started clapping and egging him on.
after that we like sulked on the sidelines until their set ended and we waited for ninjasonik only to find that they werent playing for some reason. they didnt explain themselves and the black guy from ninjasonik was there but for whatever reason they werent playing. everyone started protestingand yelling for ninjasonik to play for 20 minutes to no avail. then they staged a sit in. we all sat on the floor and then one of the bouncers came and stated that “we werent even cum stains in the 60's” and we should stop acting like we know about revolutions. they staged a sit in to get their 5 dollars back. we got our 5 dollars back”