Parts and Labor down a drummer, again

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Machine gun drum mutilator Christopher Weingarten, a contributor to Spin and CMJ, editor-in-chief of, and now, the future author of a Thirty Three and A third book on Public Enemy's It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back, is Parts and Labor's drummer no more. That makes three drummer who've graced P&L's albums. Weingarten was perhaps the most frenetic, and, having interviewed him a year ago with the band, it's hard to imagine anyone less obsessed with his own band.

In that interview, he also explained that he'd become an avid follower of the band long before he played in it, and that, when the opportunity arose after he wowed them at his try out, he initially turned down the offer, having given up on the idea of being in a rock band. It seems that he gave it a run after all, before, as Parts and Labor's MySpace page explains, “moving on to more rigorously pursue his work as a music editor and writer.”

They beat us all to the punch. No “he died in a bizarre gardening accident” asides here:

“Save the Spinal Tap jokes; we've heard 'em.”