PC Worship's Live Reduxion 7-inch

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PC Worship Mutant Soul Band live reduxion 7-inch

Last we heard from PC Worship it was back in the fall and they were releasing a dilapidated psych-damage EP on SHDWPLY. Now, after 40+ days and nights in the noise desert, they have a 7-inch that crosses into sweet green pools of melody, and the sun-scarred pop music that results sounds like cold water filling out the burnt core the band built over so many thrash sessions.

In fact, the track “Gravity” is exactly the sound of them emerging from chaos into structure, guitars scuttling like scorpians through the sand, stumbling onto the oasis of a sweet vocal melody, while the rest of the band hangs ominously behind like a sustained mirage.

Maybe this is just a brief stop over for some coconut milk and a piss before the real journey through sonic wasteland begins. Maybe. But they'd make a mind-blowing house band at your local casbah if these tunes remained par for the sand traps.

PC Worship, “So Denied”

PC Worship, “Gravity”

That's not to say they don't still have the ability to blend their past penchant for The Freak Out with their proven songwriting chops. There are three tracks on this 7-inch and the third, “Wake Up in the Dark” combines these tendencies brutally and gorgeously, and you'll have to wait and buy it at SHDWPLY to know more about that.