Potty Mouth, “The Spins”

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potty mouth

At this past weekend's Ladyfest Philly, we had a chance to speak with the intelligent, thoughtful members of Northampton, MA's Potty Mouth about their upcoming record, Hell Bent, and with the recent premiere of “The Spins”, we offiically claim this to be the Potty Mouth takeover. This single off of their debut LP has a similarly effective drum intro as The Cure's “Just Like Heaven”, but from there, everything begins to spin out of control, with a dense guitar grunge batting down right alongside the low-hanging tone of lead singer Abby Weems' vocals. As she sings on repeat, “It's hard to say no, it's hard to say no,” the listener feels a certain empathy, since we've really all been there. The breakdowns in the song are floundering in a way that tonally mimic that feeling of lying on the floor, crushed beneath unrelenting nausea.

Hell Bent will release on September 17 through Old Flame Records/Marshall Teller, but keep your eye on this site for a feature interview with the MA foursome in the coming weeks.