Pregnant organizes a parade

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G Hum Parade

Daniel Trudeau, a.k.a. Pregnant, is throwing a parade in the name of “G”. The “G” Hum Parade is not your typical lawn chair along the boulevard, keep your hands ready for flying candy and your children at a safe distance from the clowns afternoon affair. Everyone who attends, provided they are not tone def, is a part of the parade. The only requirement is to hum the “G” note or play it if you possess the tools and musical prowess. Trudeau's hope is that the sporadic humming and playing of the “G” cord, will create a massive ambient “G” cord that will conjure surreal feelings.

Bring your handheld tuners!

The parade begings Saturday January 7 at Bows & Arrows Vintage on 19th and T at 1pm with a route that ends at Southside Park (where there's a stage and bocce ball courts!) at 4p.m.

Let Pregnant and all your online friends know you're coming by RSVPing here.