Self-dubbed “street R&B” from Florida

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Introducing 1Lee and his smooth-talking Myspace page.

There's scant info about this man apart from his lengthy Myspace bio which proclaims his “street R&B” a product of hard knocks and book learnin'. (“He was still a student when he caught an attempted murder charge,” it proclaims.) But seeing as he was a graphic design major for his Associates Degree, his slick home page could all be a front. He could be a group, or a singing alligator for all we know. And who could prove otherwise? Maybe Plies, who shows up on the first version of this remix track, and Blood Raw, who's on it now. The song in question, “Actin It,” is the first single in his upcoming mixtape on Two Dogs Solo. I hope this guy gets big because I could stand a huge 1Lee period in hip hop, the same way we had a T-Pain period and a Nate Dogg period. Especially if 1Lee is actually a singing alligator.

1Lee, “Acting It” (Remix feat. Blood Law)

Download it here.