Serengeti, “Breaking Vows”

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Serengeti, Saal

Known for his specialized weirdness, Serengeti's accolades often include rapping in a deep Chicago accent, crafting characters with indepth histories that are revealed over the course of several records, and an unapologetic work ethic that is both fearless and eccentric. Last year Serengeti effortlessly released three albums, one of which was an unlikely collaboration with Sufjan Stevens and Son Lux called s/s/s.

Serengeti can make any record he pleases, which makes the danceteria of “Breaking Vows” not much of a surprise departure. The attribute often overlooked in Serengeti's art is his use of setting. He's rapped about the girl at Menard's hardware store, the worst night in Chicago Cubs' history, the redemption story of an amateur wrestler, and the peeping view point outside a girl's bathroom window. In Serengeti's travels he finds a wealth of stories whether its a mundane Midwest hardware store or a dancefloor in Berlin, which is where “Breaking Vows” might take place.

“Breaking Vows” is off Geti's Saal record, which was written and recorded in Berlin. While the Sicker Man production encourages movement, Serengeti tells a flash fiction story of a man breaking his vows for the first time. Geti looks on, imposing no criticism of the man's decision, but merely notes it looks as though he's having fun. It's left up to us. Or perhaps Sicker Man is the judge in his aggitated use of violins in a deep house setting.

Serengeti's Saal is out Feburary 12 on Graveface. “Breaking Vows” is a bonus song off the record.