Six Degrees of Beefheart #5

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For the three of you who don’t already know the deal, Six Degrees of Beefheart is our weekly contest that aims to connect two artists within six degrees. There are no rules, only commitments. (Scroll to the bottom for next week’s Six Degrees of Beefheart challenge and email your answers to info at imposemagazine dot com for your chance to win bad ass prizes.)

Big Daddy Kane ⇒ Dan Deacon

1. Big Daddy Kane's 1998 album Veteran'z Day includes the song “Girl Talk”.
2. Girl Talk also happens to be the biggest partier in the United States right now and Girl Talk's favorite tour buddy is *gasp* Dan Deacon.


1. Big Daddy Kane appeared alongside the Wu-Tang Clan at Summer Jam in New York City.
2. Ghostface Killah is a member of the Wu-Tang Clan.
3. In the Ghostface song “Wu Banger 101”, Tony Starks spits “ohh Rev ain't right! His church ain't right. Deacon is a pimp.”
4. Guess who else is a pimp… Dan Deacon because he has a glowing green skull. That's Bishop Don Juan status… King me!

So bring on your “Pink Batman” and Robin, Cagney and Lacey, Starsky & Hutch, but they still can't face me!

Stravinsky ⇒ Bob Dylan

1. Igor Stravinksy was a Russian composer who attended school in St. Petersburg.
2. One spring he could not attend school because of the closure due to Bloody Sunday.
3. “Sunday Bloody Sunday” is a song written by U2, in which Bono (world record holder for biggest piece of shit on the planet) contrasted the events of Bloody Sunday with Easter Sunday.
4. Consequently had it not been for a friendship with Bob Dylan, U2 would not have looked to American rock roots while recording The Joshua Tree.
5. This lead to a documentary titled Rattle and Hum, which features Bob Dylan and B.B. King performing tracks together in the legendary Sun Studios in Memphis.

I almost really screwed this one up because I thought it said to connect Kavinsky with Bob Dylan the only thing harder than matching a 20th century piano composer with a folk rock legend is matching a French electro artist with a man that would not be caught dead near a drum machine.

Here's another one:

1. Igor Stravinsky was supposed to collaborate on an opera with Dylan Thomas, but then Dylan Thomas croaked at the ripe age of 39.
2. Bob Dylan's namesake is Dylan Thomas.

Robert Johnson ⇒ Prince

1. Eric Clapton is absolutely obsessed with Robert Johnson, having put out Sessions for Robert Johnson (2004), and the highly delusional Me and Mr. Johnson, that includes this horrific re-imagining of Robert Johnson's King of the Delta Blues Singers record cover, trapping Johnson's puffy face in a coffee table frame beside Clapton looking like a bloated insurance salesman.

2. Eric Clapton was in Cream.
3. Prince's fifth number one single was the song “Cream”

World Inferno Friendship Society ⇒ Scissor Sisters

These guys have apparently nothing in common with each other. Not only did we not get any responses on them, we ourselves have absolutely no idea how to draw a connection, which is lame, considering they're spectacle-driven contemporaries with rabid and particular fan bases. On the other hand, it's sort of like a gutter punk from New Jersey trying to fit in at a Chelsea strip club or a MisShape trying to dance in a New Brunswick mosh pit. It'll all end up in blood and tears.

Next Week’s Six Degrees of Beefheart selections:
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Marc Bolan ⇒ Madonna

The Fresh Prince ⇒ The Cure

Tears for Fears ⇒ Blood, Sweat and Tears

The Animals ⇒ Animal Collective