Tumblr Spot: Slow Fade Summer

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The slow cross-dissolve into fall is upon us. Hints of crisp autumn mornings come sneaking in and then wash away with the sweat of lingering indian summer days. The coals on the grill are still warm, just barely, as the leaves surf from tree to turf. For a short time we get the best of both seasons, balanced delicately before the grocery store assualts us with cornucopias and orange everything. And of course, Tumblr pulses with the changing season too. Here are some highlights.

Festivals go quiet.

The pools drain.


Pavement promises they'll slow it down for a bit.


Sweater weather.

Fall colors?

A new wall where Elliott stakes claim over your morning commutes.

Things are about to get spookier

The nights go a different blue.

See you next year, summer.