Spiritualized promise Spacemen3 songs at US dates, minus three spacemen

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Spiritualized are coming to America for a string of dates after four dry years we've somehow survived without Jason Pierce's lush washes, droning pedals and ever-rotating cast of former Spacemen, gospel choirs and ex-girlfriends. He's gone classy (maybe he never left classy), performing at only the most respectable of venues, including The Apollo in New York, Vista Theater in LA and… maybe Bimbos in San Francisco doesn't make the cut.

What's more, the bill promises renditions of songs by both Spiritualized and Spacemen3. Does this herald a secret resolution between the old Space frontmen Pierce and Pete Kember? His European tours say no. For those of you who still live and breath vintage 1989 English air, here's a glimmer of hope, uttered a scant six years ago, by Kember:

I'd like to think it's a possibility, but it doesn't seem that realistic at the moment. A lot of water's gone under the bridge…I'm not sure I really know [Pierce] like I thought I did, or understand him. I think it may just be that we've grown that far apart.

Did you catch that part at the beginning? It's inevitable. Just remember guys, if Jesus and Mary Chain can do it, so can you!

11 San Francisco, Bimbos
12 Los Angeles, Vista Theater
13 Los Angeles, Vista Theater
16 New York, The Apollo