13 other days the music really died

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According to Don Maclean, the day the music died was 52 years ago today, when Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and the Big Bopper
all boarded a plane in Clear Lake, Iowa, and perished when it crashed in a corn field only a few miles away.

But all of those people have left us with amazing music, so we think the title is a bit misleading. In fact, we thought of plenty of instances more deserving of the dubious distinction. Here's 13 off the top of our heads.

May 26, 1994: Michael Jackson ties some kind of boy scout knot with Lisa Marie. And also…

1985, sometime: Michael Jackson buys the Beatles catalog so he can change the name of the song “Keep Your Hands Off My Baby” to “Please Put Your Hands On All Of My Babies”.

October 29, 1979: Al Gore connects a series of tubes and called it a music blog.

December 2, 1981: Britney Spears enters the world.

March 7, 1989: Milli Vanilli learns it's true; ooh, ooh, ooh, they love you.

November 23, 2008: Chinese Democracy.

February 3, 2002: Fatboy Slim sealed in a sarcophagus of glowsticks to be opened in 3095

January 1, 2006: Flavor of Love debuts.

The day no one warned David Bowie and Mick Jagger about dancing in the streets.

January 31, 2011: Letterman utters the words “Snacks the cat!

June 3, 2007: The day Neon Indian read his fortunes in the neon green grounds at the bottom of his Mountain Dew can.

September 3, 2010: We started getting invitations to shoot an MTV pilot at Silent Barn.

And finally… The eve of every reunion tour, ever. That means you too, Malkmus.