This Week In Dilla: Illa J

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I truly hope I don't have to do this as a weekly update.

Delicious Vinyl seems determined to destroy everything I once held sacred.
In a continued exhibition of self-loathing, Delicious Vinyl is raping its vaults once again by turning over un-used J. Dilla beats from his Labcabincalifornia sessions with The Pharcyde. Granted, Mike Ross is not deserving of absolute hatred. He did hand over a treasure to the Yancey Family, but a lingering stench of grave robbing remains.

Illa J is J.Dilla's younger brother. Illa J took his brother's beat tape and created his debut Yancey Boys. Interestingly enough, hip hop producers are so jock-heavy on the Dilla style, his record won't sound like a relic from 1995.

Illa J, “We Here”

Illa J, “R U Listenin'” (feat. Guilty Simpson)

I want to think that Illa J's intentions are purely an homage to his older brother's legacy. But I have trouble understanding why someone would use the beats that Pharcyde kept off a classic (yes, I said classic) album. J. Dilla was a genius, but I refuse to believe the man crapped excellence. There is a reason this beat tape got archived.

Yancey Boys is out November 4 on Delicious Vinyl.

And if you still aren't sure, here's three reasons Illa J won't have a classic debut: