Tiny Masters of Today accurately name their band Tiny Masters of Today

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The only thing more uncomfortable than watching a bunch of 12-year olds performing rock music onstage is a bunch of 12-year olds performing on stage with their creepy uncle drumming behind them. Or whoever that old dude is playing on the set, here opening for Yeah Yeah Yeahs. It's Russel Simins of Jon Spencer Blues Explosion and Jena Malone? They're already being treated like rock royalty? Oh.

What's it mean that Tiny Masters of Today are swapping remixes with Liars and CSS, that Nick Zinner, Karen O, Fred Schneider, Gibby Haynes and Kimya Dawson make appearances on their upcoming LP, that they're being compared to both the Shaggs and Suicide by David Bowie? More importantly, who's their daddy?

History has spat out plenty of precocious preteens, but maybe the instinctive enthusiasm of a handful of rock icons has more to do with where raw, fundamental rock music really is after a couple generations of softening it against the mainstream. The act of writing it is less scary to Ivan and Ada's parents than letting them play PS2, and rock, at least the type Tiny Masters are making, values the rough edges of amateurs, especially ones who have the pre-pubescent street-cred to be nothing but amateur. Next up, hard-knock nine-year old with a mic and an axe to grind.

Tiny Masters of Today Record Release Party!

Saturday, September 29th
ALL AGES – Doors 2-5pm
Union Hall, Brooklyn, NY