Ultra secret cloning project?

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Kaskade and Kleinenberg. Err… switch that.

Kaskade may be a San Francisco-based DJ known for his work as a deep house producer, but he's got the slick golden locks and the squeaky-scrubbed physique that's sleek enough to sneak behind a pair of aviators and mimic the most Eurotrashtastic DJs of the global house scene. Speaking of which, Kaskade isn't alone with his upcoming remix comp on Ultra, titled Bring the Night and out August 21.

Expect Amsterdam's fourth most important export to drop some club-ready chemistry September 11. Sander Kleinenberg's This Is… double disc remix comp rearranges the work of an army of Europeans, and promises to blow the top off any sense of pigeon-holed genre ghettoizing.

That's right, no more worrying about the difference between microhouse and microsound, progressive house and progressive trance, experimental ambient, experimental jungle: the long rest is here! (Because we've lost so much sleep over it already…)