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Woods covered Graham Nash's “Military Madness” on Songs of Shame, but the lead single from At Echo Park invokes The Byrds – oddly enough, anytime I hear a seasonal song the “turn, turn, turn” refrain jumps in my skull.

“So, suffering season is about allergies, right?” is the first bonehead journalist question I'd ask if I was interviewing Jeremy Earl this morning. Between running a label and being lead guitarist in a nationally touring band, Earl is probably sustaining, but he could totally license “Suffering Season” to a Nasonex commercial. Pollen has such an integral ecological purpose, yet it strains our senses. Think about it though, pollen also gives you one of the greatest sensations next to an orgasm – the sneeze. Jeremy has a great point, it's a flowerless spring without all this suffering. So endure the floating seeds attacking your nasal cavities with a renewed optimism that it leads to flowers in your hair.

We've got “I Was Gone” for download, which is the Byrds again, but blown out and far gone.

At Echo Park is out May 4 on Woodsist.

Woods, “I Was Gone”