Young Montana?'s must hear debut

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Young Montana?

Young Montana? might appear to be uncertain about his own moniker, but the ambivalence stops there as his Alpha Pup debut is one of the strongest beat fushion records we've heard in some time. The Coventry, UK producer roped us in with “Sacre Cool” and “Bad Day”, but feeding these tracks into the scope of a 45-minute long player gives his singles purpose; “Sacre Cool” is the jump-off, while “Bad Day” is a wedge in the playful bounce established in the first half of the record. Montana? reintroduces us to a name we haven't heard since '08 with a sole guest appearance by Stainless Steele on “Suchbeats”.

Young Montana? is in a tight squeeze of hype, as the Goblin-fuss will undoubtedly begin today with an influx of day-of-reviews. Couple that with the limited time you've had to explore the depths of Matthewdavid and Jonwayne – the two latest LA beat releases – and there's just no room for keeping up. If you cannot get to Limerenece just yet, we understand, but keep this record in mind when the hyper-reality dies out. Hopefully, the Visas are filled out and Alpha Pup brings the 20-year old prodigal son to the west coast for a dual-city Low End Theory temporary residency in the summer – hint, hint.

Young Montana?'s Limerence is out now on Alpha Pup.