Brooklyn hater recap, day 1

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I'm walking the streets of Austin, and thinking to myself: “I'm
surrounded by human trash.” Some of these pieces of trash are my
colleagues, others are “tastemakers”, and some are simply music fans,
thrill seekers, or people with a ton of money to blow on an all-access
pass. I'm walking the streets of Austin, thinking these things, then I
realize I'm pretty fucking drunk, and maybe I should stop being so

  • I had a few conversations of note. One was with a skinny
    guy that smelled like peanut butter. He's from Kentucky. I told him I
    live in Brooklyn. He told me: “Oh man, the two bands I'm excited to see
    are The Beets and Golden Triangle.” I buy him a
    (free) drink.
  • Myspace and Toyota have started a “cassette
    . They are stuffing cassettes with dollar bills. I'd love to
    know how much money Toyota paid some shitbag to immerse himself in
    Brooklyn for a few months and “soak up” the “culture” to find out that
    cassettes are “in”. This sort of thing makes me sick, but I also think
    it's brilliant. It's like a David Cronenberg film.
  • People are
    really hyped about Total Slacker. I find that awesome.
  • People
    are also already burnt out on Free Energy. I can't really say I'm not.
    I liked them (while drunk) at CMJ, now I'm sorta thinking I could care
  • I've spotted the following people: Billy Bragg, Nas,
    Stephen Elliott.
  • I've seen about thirty dudes who look like
    Chuck Klosterman, and all of them are wearing Spoon shirts.
  • Tried
    to peak my head into the Roky Erickson/Okkervil River: no luck.
  • A
    crust punk asked me for money. He was wearing a homemade Death in June
    shirt; I gave him five bucks. He told me, “Come back soon”.