Brooklyn Hater recap, Day 2

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I felt a bit better today as I walked
around Austin. I'd like to thank the good people at Waterloo Ice House
for hooking it up with the chicken friend steak and eggs.

  • I
    heard a deal go down for some fine “South of the border nose candy”
    (these were the words used) on an iPhone. The business was conducted by a
    girl who ten minutes prior, was flipping out because she couldn't get
    right into the Fader Fort.

  • Human Eye bailed on the Brooklyn Vegan
    party. This bummed me the fuck out. Turns out they bailed on SXSW as a

  • Everybody was in the French Resistance Now played the
    Brooklyn Vegan party. I'd like to go ahead and send a big fuck you to
    that band for having what is the worst band name in the history of band
    names. I don't care if you sound better than Exile on Main St.,
    I'm boycotting you forever just because of your stupid name.

  • Friend
    who saw Frankie and the Outs: “They are the only good girl group I've
    seen so far.”

  • I popped into a bar on 6th to watch a little NCAA.
    Dudes were talking about The Antlers. Bros, I love weepcore as much as
    the next sad bastard, but I WANTED TO WATCH ALL THE UPSETS! However,
    kudos to the drunk Mexcian man who played “Midnight Rider” on the
    jukebox and tried his best to sing along.

  • I saw So So Glos
    walking around. I waved to them while I was drunk. Wanted to yell
    out “go back to Bushwick assholes,” but didn't.

  • Right now, if
    reports are correct, Thee Oh Sees are officially the best band at SXSW.