It is the world that made you small, 2009

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I'mma let 2010 finish, but “It is the world that made you small” wins hands down for best creative website of 2009.

Brock Davis' ambitious and visually stimulating web project “Make something cool everyday” is self-explanatory: he made one piece of creative work every day for 365 consecutive days. A lot of artists have attempted this very same idea only to produce mediocre work, but Davis executes every piece with fresh style and wit.

Davis is an artist and musician based out of Minneapolis who, as a child, loved watching commercials, but told his parents they should be funnier. Years later he did something about it by pursuing a career in advertising, creating work even the legendary Bill Hicks might have approved of. (God bless him!)

If you're still not impressed, you try. Every day, for the next 365. Do it.