Blood of the Young (NSFW)

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Blood of the Young are a bunch of dudes from Toronto with strong photographic fetishes.

They collaboratively run the zine and blog project Blood of the Young, launched early this year in support of emerging and established young artists. BOTY focus mainly on bright and able new photographers, such as the Imaginary Zine, but you'll find a scattering of fine visual artwork once you look over the site.

In case “bright and able new photographs” isn't enough to persuade a visit out of you, how about pretty girls, gratuitous boob, butt, and crotch shots, bohemian comforts, and dreamy landscapes? Check out the curators sites too: I want to punch your stupid face, To be honest, I expected more, and Dave Geeting needs a funnier website name. Awesome!

They also published a photobook entitled Exteens and online zine Girls. Yummy stuff, indeed.