London's Landfill will take care of that zine, for cheap.

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“The power of art over trash, of magic over the brute.”- Vladmir Nabakov

The Landfill we're crushing over is a young design firm and book publisher from London, founded just this winter. When you venture to the landfill site you'll find that most pages are pretty bare slate, politely asking you to wait until spring, or handing out quotes in big bold letters stating “Lots of pictures, Lots of Fun.” You'll have to deal with their mailing list for now.

The best thing they've got going, so far, is an excellently curated first print series, which is a fund-raising enterprise intended to improve the printing facilities of sister group, Manymono, a Risograph-based printing service for anyone who wants to make cheap but colorful zines, book, and prints.

New series includes work by Shoboshobo, Jim Stoten, Tommi Musturi, Colin Henderson, Steak Mtn, Micah Lidberg, Adrian Fleet, Sister Arrow, Chris Pell, Scott Barry, others. For all you design nerds, the specs: two color Risograph print, A3/200 gsm, edition of 100 per design.

Enjoy the nascent work of a budding firm, but if you're going to be a dick about it, at least check out those first-run prints, it will make your drabby day a bit greener.