Just read this one chapter of Ulysses and you're good

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You know that book Ulysses, don't you? Yeah, written by James Joyce, regarded by many as the best book of the 20th century, the book those guys in berets and ruffled shirts would always be carrying across your sunny and green college lawn with some girl on their arm that woulda been kinda pretty if she had just grown up with $10,000 more dollars in her family.

Well, fear not, it's now socially acceptable to not read that whole thing. You were all sweating out at the show, wondering if someone would walk up to you with questions about Finnegan's Wake vs. Ulysses vs. The Dubliners and how you could be drinking that Guinness without KNOWING Ulysses and James Joyce.

Slate says you just have to read this one chapter, the “Ithaca Episode” and the rest of it is totally overrated. Best of all that chapter is in Q&A format, and you've totally got that down from reading so many lazy blogger Q&A's.

Now walk up to that Irish maiden girl and take her off the beret guy's arm and really show her what life is all about. One that includes only a chapter of Ulysses.