The B.S. Anthology

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This is so last week, but the ever so great NY Tyrant Giancarlo DiTrapano breaks down what's wrong with anything called “The Best Of,” especially those pesky anthologies that proliferate this time of the year. Giancarlo has some special words for Dave Eggers' pet project, The Best American Non-Required Reading, breaking down their special ping-pong table method and the dripping of David Sedaris sarcasm:

But, let’s face it, it’s David fucking Sedaris. He’s basically God. And
if you get God, or David Sedaris, to agree to do an introduction for
your anthology, you publish what he gives you (even if it’s his grocery
list) or else you’re just being disrespectful. You’re being rude to a
literary heavyweight! To God! I mean who ever tires of Sedaris talking
about France and his childhood and his lover Hugh? No one in the entire
fucking world, that’s who. His stories are always fascinating, always