What to read right now IV

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Banana asphyxiation, the Cat-Dog the exterminator can't contain, and a lonely place called Defeated.

“Objects in the Gas” by Lara S. Williams @ Neon Magazine

It was a Monday when my mother asphyxiated herself in our 1988 Camero,
locked behind the electric garage doors that never worked when it
frosted. She had three things with her: a banana skin, her wedding veil
and my dad's wristwatch. She had pulled the pin at exactly three thirty
to offer us the comfort of a time of death. I thought it a sad thing to

“Wound Glue” by Michael Cooper @ SmokeLong Weekly

Cat-Dog comes and settles with its cronies under
your house. At least thirty fucking oat field cats. The exterminator who
stole your wife came a month ago. On his knees, he brightened the
crawlspace under the porch with his high-powered flashlight. A hundred
shiny eyes hovered down there, and they still do, like Argos hiding,
timid since the heifer's been stolen.

“Defeated, Tennessee” by J.M. Blaine @ The Nervous Breakdown

I've been carrying around my best friend from high school's phone number for a few months now but haven't called yet. Been waiting, waiting for the stars to align.