Ariel Pink acts like a little bitch

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Ariel Pink at Coachella 2011. Screenshot.

Ariel Pink showed off his spunky attitude problem at Coachella over the weekend by neither storming off the stage entirely nor singing, but rather hanging out while his band continued to perform. This was quickly anointed Ariel Pink's “meltdown”, as everyone has eagerly been waiting for him to have one.

Unfortunately, this was not a meltdown so much as a dude playing out his drama queen fantasies, or a toddler hiding under the table to show his parents who's boss.

A brief lesson:

the·at·rics /THēˈatriks/
Noun: Excessively emotional and dramatic behavior: “stop your theatrics”.

melt·down /ˈmeltˌdoun/
1. An accident in a nuclear reactor in which the fuel overheats and melts the reactor core or shielding.
2. A disastrous collapse or breakdown: “the 1987 stock market meltdown”.

Which one do you see going down here?

Very good!