Yo, win this USF 12-inch!

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USF, <i>Jamaica Plain</i> EP

Do you like to spin your brain on gooey dream beats? Do you like to “twirl the vinyl” in your spare time? Well geez, this might just be your fricking day!

Here's the chance to win a 12-inch from USF (formerly Universal Studios Florida). Check the tracks below to get a whiff if you're a virgin of the Seattle project, and then go like us on Facebook and tell us “I HEART USF.” It'll be like a secret code buried in a genuine ode to your love to these dudes.

It's that simple: Comment on our Facebook page, “I HEART USF” (get flowery and descriptive if you want), and you might win their Jamaica Plain EP. (We'll randomly select a commenter.)

Do it and prosper!

UPDATE: Let's wrap this shit up by TUESDAY