Top 10 Music Photobombs

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Donald Trump and Tyler the creator

When Tyler, the Creator photobombed Donald Trump after his appearance on Jimmy Fallon this week, a reminder was sent across our radar that the phenomenom of musicians photobombing other famous people is not to be forgotten. It is to be celebrated. No one could have anticipated the heroism of the hashtag Donald Musty Ass, so in honor of that we've collected our all-time favorite musicians photobombing other famous people.

The only time Taylor Swift has made any face but the “recently-sucked-on-lemon” face. Gross.

“No. Robin Thicke ain't Justin Timberlake.”

Why aren't you dancing, Thom Yorke?

I don't even want to think about the sad implications of Ringo Starr having to photobomb Justin Bieber and Ke$ha. Let's move on.

Eternally shirtless Devendra Banhart adds a little homeless flare to this photo of Cat Power.

Paul McCartney, the OG photobomber.

So much has changed, but Dave Grohl's beard remains the same.


Why were these people in the same room?