Van William, “Revolution” ft. First Aid Kit

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On September 9th, Van William released his latest single, “Revolution” ft. First Aid Kit. The track, which features a very simple composition with acoustic instrumentals, is an emotional testament to lost love. Off the bat, the lightweight vocals bring a melancholy vibe to the track, with lyrics “lost my valentine / you could never keep my meaning straight / and I won’t wait in line / for you to give me any time of day.” He’s ready to be done with the infatuation of his love, which is a sentiment we have all – at some point or another – been introduced to. Most poignant lyrics? “I want a revolution / you want a short solution / we never could see eye to eye.”

When folk duo First Aid Kit lays their vocals down, the song reaches a sense of tranquility that wasn’t originally of note. With their help, “Revolution” is a story of closure. “A story as old as time.”