Argonaut&Wasp, “Loser Like You”

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“Dance rock synth jocks” Argonaut&Wasp – comprised of Trey Schibli (vocals/guitar/producer), Theo Klein (synth, vocals, producer), Alex Donkin (bass/synth), Cole Miller (guitar), and Chris Corsico (drums) – recently released the track “Loser Like You” and, we must admit, we’re smitten.

The song starts off with a strong 70’s vibe to it. Then the vocals set in, spoken over the track. It honestly reminds us of a Flight of The Conchords spinoff, with its fun lyrics and quirky inflections. Lyrics like “I’m not gonna waste my time / waiting on a loser like you” make you realize that these guys are not about changing themselves or waiting around for anyone else. This is perhaps the most hilarious self-love anthem we’ve ever heard, and we think it’d make a good addition to your music library.